Blanche Pearsall, President and CEO

In addition to leading DEDICATED, Blanche Pearsall is actively involved in professional development, both personally and for colleagues across the nation. Since 2001, she has been a member of the VISTAGE organization, a worldwide membership organization of CEOs seeking to increase personal and professional effectiveness and accountability.

Professional involvement includes serving on the Board of Directors for National Association of Personnel Services (NAPS) for five years, and chairing the National Certification Committee for several years. DEDICATED was honored to receive the Winston-Salem Chamber of Commerce Small Business of the Year Award in 1992. NAPS industry awards include: NAPS District Director of the Year, CPC of the Year, and CTS of the Year.

DEDICATED’s team is carefully chosen to fit the needs of the client. Each member holds the highest credentials for their specific profession including CPC, SPHR, CPA, SPHR, JD and CCP.

dedicated professional resources, inc.

DEDICATED has evolved over the last 25+ years from a contract and executive search firm to a total focus on providing human resource consulting to CEOs of mid-sized companies. Our work addresses their concerns related to people, processes and performance.

• We can work behind the scenes or take a more visible role in dealing with issues that distract or trouble the CEO.
   — When the CEO has a performance concern or loss of confidence, DEDICATED engages at a level that allows the CEO and his/her       
        team to continue with their work, knowing we will diagnose, research, write and implement the best solution, and work toward bringing
        a positive outcome.
  — Like you, we are accountable. So we appreciate regular and open communication about project status, changing dynamics,
       or new concerns.
• We understand that most companies do a great job in casting the vision, managing P&L, and attracting employees.
• When there is a troubling matter, DEDICATED engages at a level that allows the CEO and his/her team to continue with their responsibilities with
   limited interruptions in their daily schedules knowing we are diagnosing, researching, writing and implementing the treatment plan, and bringing a
  positive outcome.
• We maintain accountability by tracking and synchronizing progress, and by meeting with the CEO to review status, address changing dynamics or
  tackling new concerns.


• The President and CEO understands challenges related to keeping the vision alive while maintaining productive and efficient teams who handle
  sales, accounting, marketing, training, customer service, project management, etc.
• Employment attorneys – we have relationships with several employment law firms and frequently work with the client’s legal counsel as needed
• CPAs
• Compensation experts – hold IE degrees and maintain the latest research data on current compensation and design of compensation packages.
• Researchers for compliance matters, specific issues or problems
• Our recruiters support the needs of clients who have retained us for any matter related to people, processes and performance. Our recruiters post
  positions, source candidates, screen for skills, education, experience and cultural fit.
• Writers who develop customized training materials