frequently heard concerns:

• Are we vulnerable in our hiring and management practices?
• Are employment references really that valuable?
• Are we properly managing the changes in legal compliance?
• Is there a gap in our policies versus our practices?
• Are our employees classified properly; i.e., exempt, nonexempt, contractors, interns?
• Are our managers trained and communicating appropriately to their direct reports?
• What happens if a formal complaint is made against us?
• Who can I talk to about an objective and confidential investigation?
• Out of date (and indefensible) Employee Handbook
• How much “documentation” do we need in order to terminate?
• How can we recognize the potential of good employees and develop their leadership skills?

are there concerns about your
leadership team?

Are you experiencing elevated stress or concern about a specific situation such as:
• Loss of trust in a key leader’s motives or their ability to carry the company banner
• Perception of a loss in a key leader’s desire to contribute
• Low morale
• Threats or complaints related to harassment, discrimination, or a hostile work environment
• The retirement or extended illness of a key contributor
• Great hire but Ineffective onboarding which results in a longer “time to productivity”
• Lack of regular management training
• Inability or unwillingness to enforce policies
• Pending acquisition, merger or sale


DEDICATED can guide you to make decisions that will strengthen your market position while also retaining and growing your best employees.

If there is an employee crisis, DEDICATED is qualified to help you manage through it.