We have found that CEOs have common needs for support or guidance in handling difficult situations within all departments: sales, accounting, production, customer service, marketing, etc. The approach to each company and situation is different but is always laser-focused on identifying the need, developing a reasonable solution and implementing the solution with minimal disruption in the day-to-day workflow.

Whether your situation calls for an investigation, process review, additional talent, reorganization, or termination, you are not alone. Our experience and knowledge may be useful as you determine the appropriate next step.

Since 1989, we have conducted searches for unique talent for our clients. We work on a retainer basis and will use several sources to find strong candidates for you to consider. Our process is solid and includes sourcing, screening, interviewing, conducting background checks, and guiding you through the stages of offer, acceptance, and onboarding.

The engagement process and retainers are customized to fit the client’s needs and may range from short projects to long-term involvement. Exclusive searches are conducted on a retainer basis.

DEDICATED is generally engaged by a CEO or President who:
• is guiding his/her company toward aggressive growth
• may or may not have a strong leadership team
• has company facilities or locations in several states
• may be uncertain about whether their recruiting and selection, reference checking,   onboarding, management, and termination processes are compliant with Federal and  
  State laws
• suspects the company has gaps in communicating the right things at the right time to the right   people, or where communication has been listed as an issue on employee surveys
• is uncomfortable with the performance review system; i.e., managers do not like, or possibly
  do not conduct, reviews in an effective and honest manner. It may be that the process has
  become routine and laborious, and does not encourage employees to grow professionally
• realizes managers may not have adequate risk management training
• wonders if there is someone who has been “where they are” and who doesn’t have an agenda   other than to guide them through tough employee conversations, identify risks, and develop
  processes for a positive future.