Fully Harness the Talent of Your Workforce

The business world, and the field of human resource management, has never been more complicated. Mergers and acquisitions. A constantly fluctuating economy. Cultural fit. Loss of trust in a team member. Complex, evolving employment laws. A more diverse and younger workforce. The employee retention challenge. New manager syndrome.

DEDICATED Professional Resources, Inc. has been helping company executives navigate human resource challenges since 1989. Yes, we do our best to stay apprised of the latest changes in employment law, but we also address the “human” part of human resources. A growing number of business leaders understand that the success of their company depends heavily on recruiting the most qualified candidates, a strong onboarding program, and retaining the right people.

Your Partner in Human Resources

Whether your challenges involve recruiting, retention, performance reviews, company culture, adjustments to the changing economy, or all of the above, DEDICATED can assist you. We take a results-oriented, team-focused approach to working with CEOs and executive teams of mid-sized companies. As trusted advisers, we help you formulate and implement policies and programs that allow your company to thrive and fully benefit from your pool of talented employees.

If you are seeking a strategic partner to analyze your situation, make recommendations and assist in implementing your decisions on matters related to people, performance and processes, we may be able to help.

DEDICATED’s approach has always been to objectively analyze the situation, review background documentation and discuss risks and possible solutions. During the solution implementation period, many companies have found it helpful to have a member of the DEDICATED team on site for a few hours per week or month, depending on the specific needs.